Spark The Conversation

So What Is This?

We hope this will help generate a broader conversation of how Inclusive and Accessible environments benefit us all.

A Newfoundland & Labrador Stat

22% of Newfoundland & Labrador residents have some form of accessibility need. This impacts us all.

We Want To Say Thanks

We plan on displaying all submissions, listing by Region/School/Class. We hope by allowing everyone the ability to see each others work it will keep the creativity and conversation going till next year.

Spark The Conversation


Draw a picture of how accessibility makes you “FEEL”. -   Open  September 27th 2019 to  all  enrolled  students  K-12  living  in  Newfoundland  and  Labrador,  Only  one  submission  per  student   -   Students  must  design  and  draw  their  picture  -  The  submission  of  an  entry  provides  UDNNL the  right  to use, edit, reproduce, and publish your submission, using available or future media platforms.

Contest  is  now  CLOSED

Thank  you  for  your  submissions !!

Can Parents/Role-Models help?

Yes, your help is welcomed and requested. Having  an  age  appropriate conversation  about accessibility in the living world helps our students understand how they feel about it.

Contest Close Date

Contest ENDS FEBRUARY 14th at midnight. Winner to be announced at the Home Show in Mt. Pearl, March   27th  2020. The Winning submission will receive a Nintendo Switch and a Wacom Professional graphics tablet.

What We Believe

We as an organization will be PROUD to use the winning submission as our Logo. Some of the best images ever,  have come from children.

What Is Universal Design

Simply, Universal Design is about creating environments, from the design stage, that are accessible to everyone and have the most flexibility of use.

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